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Canvas photo printing is the creation of exceptionally beautiful artworks out of an ordinary image. In most cases, and in order to achieve maximum results, photos are preferred to be digitally taken. Therefore, a canvas print is basically a captured photograph turned into an artwork that can promise to last for hundreds of years, given that there has been a careful selection of the different printing materials and ink. At present, canvas photo prints are more preferred over the standard photo prints because of the fact that the latter seems to lose their colors in just a span of ten up to twenty years.

To avail of a canvas photo print that can be used as a decorative piece of art at home or offices, an online printing service company can do the job. You simply have to prepare a high quality photo then upload it on their website or you can have it mailed to them through a physical hard copy of your photo that you would like to be printed on a canvas. You can select from a wide array of options for the designs and styles available online, even the colors. Basically, you have a say on how you would like your photo to look like. The service provider will then print your photograph, considering the specifications you have stated. After then, they will have it framed or mounted on a wooden frame. When the finished product is ready, it will be sent to you. When considering the service of an online canvas printing company, prior to placing your order, make sure that they use archival grade materials for their canvas photo prints. This is helpful to make sure that the canvas would stay longer and maintain its quality.

One of the most important requirements to consider if you want to have a canvas print is the quality of the photo. It should be shot at high resolution. You can consult your service provide and ask them to determine the quality of your photo, if it would look good even when printed on a canvas. This part should be taken seriously and should never be missed out since a blown photo, no matter how beautiful it is can simply end up looking entirely different after printing. In this case, you can change the photo into a digital one or ask your printer to do so. Effects like specs, blemishes or smears, lens dust, and red eye can be obvious in the print. Thus, you might need to consider the option to de-saturate the photo to have a more dramatic effect.

After then, the framing process will kick in. Of all the steps, this one can be the most expensive. There are different options that you can choose from such as metal frames, standardized gallery wrapped, or wooden frames. At the same time, you can have your canvas photo be printed in different styles like a pop art. This may involve some modifications, but it can also promise to give a result that you will surely love to cherish for a lifetime.

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