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Canvas Photo Prints is a great way to inexpensively decorate the home. In fact, a new trend in home decorating is largely being influenced by this new method of preserving photos. Photo galleries – which used to be limited to museums and art conventions – can now be personalized for the home.

Affordable online photo printing companies have made it possible for everyone to get their pictures converted into stunning canvas prints. The customization options (in size and design) allow for endless creative opportunities to adorn walls, shelves, and even side tables. Go pop, black-and-white, or collage – there’s a different style to please each personality.

A home gallery is a nice approach to regular wall fixtures or decorations. It can display not only family pictures, but also pet portraits, kids’ drawings, and miscellaneous souvenirs or knick-knacks. Have it tell a story or portray a family tree through beautiful photo prints.

How to Get Started

Pick a theme. Everything begins with an awesome idea and a creative layout. Choose a location in the home for the gallery and envision the final outcome: what colors should be incorporated, what images to include, other decorations that it might contain, etc. Go bold with fun, bright colors to bring a dreary wall to life; or be a minimalist with black and white accents to give off a modest vibe. Here are a few tips to consider:

Kind of Canvas To Put On Wall
  • Balance the components but don’t worry about it not matching the furniture.
  • Take note of wall capacity to determine canvas and frame sizes.
  • Mix and match themes for a more unique look: large pieces can be a focal point, while smaller ones can tie everything together.
  • Use ledges or shelves for tiny items or pictures.

Draw or outline the gallery to get a good look at it. Ask friends and family members to pitch in as well for a great fun project together!

Buy and/or Personalize. After selecting which pictures would be used for the gallery, hire a professional photo printing service to get the images onto canvas. Decide on frame sizes (opt for various ones) and while waiting on the prints, create other decorations to go with the gallery. Buy materials from craft stores; or be resourceful and use objects already found in the house or backyard. Twigs, dried leaves, flowers, figurines, buttons, books, and toys make good additions to truly personalize the space.  Write text on washed-out wood panels, hang paper accessories, or print out favorite quotes or lyrics to create a statement.

Put it all together. It’s easy to display photo canvas prints since they’re made ready to be hung. Play with the design by varying the sizes and elevation levels of the frames. Place the ornaments on shelves, use round mirrors to break monotony, and splash color with bright hues and prints. Look at the placement and decide what needs more tweaking or if there’s a missing piece that might make it better. Lastly, have friends and family over to admire the hard work!

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