Canvas Wall Art Projects You Can Try at Home


Of course, it's not always the cost of an artwork that makes it worth displaying in your home. It is the sentimental and aesthetic value which sometimes gives one a good reason not to replace it with other decorative accessories. You can relate well to this instance if you have once created a canvas wall art and up until now, it's still there in your room. But if you are simply used to buying customized canvas prints, then it may be meaningless to say how it feels like being the artist of the beautiful masterpiece which attracts home visitors. Think about it and do consider experiencing the same yourself by trying these canvas wall art projects during weekends or leisure time:

Flowery Sentiments
Establish specific mood or ideal atmosphere in your room by having creative design of the stretched canvas. Start it off from the base by painting several sheets of newspaper with a thin coat of black watercolor paint, and then cut paper into pieces and decoupage onto your canvas. After which, cut out flower shapes and put photo onto canvas with removable double-stick tape, then paint the entire canvas with gray acrylic paint. As soon as done, the flower shapes and tape should be removed and that should be followed by painting the flowers with a light coat of gray acrylic paint so that the words are reflected through.


Canvas Wall Art Projects


Graphic Statements
While a photograph or painting is worth a thousand words, it would still be ideal to make the message clear by complementing the canvas photo art with graphic statements. These should necessarily embody particular emotion or thought to remind yourself or someone you dearly love each night and day. The secret here is appropriate combination of all the decorative elements existing or you intend to place in your home. If you have no idea on how to make this attractive, you can see some samples in the online stores or printing shops, or ask an expert designer if you wish.

Add Color with Canvas
Yes, it's a necessity for without color, your artwork would surely look dry or dull. Bright colors are recommended so that you may also have brighter days. Just as an artist noted, a colorful masterpiece “sings” against a gray wall. But on how this would amplify the atmosphere of your home is still dependent on the mixture of different colors. It would be best to opt for the combination of pinks, oranges, greens, and blue; then, complement them with words and phrases to inspire yourself every time you see your own photo to canvas art.

Use Waste for a Wonderful Artwork
Everything has aesthetic value and it's only up to you on how to make use of such. The waste you have at home, for instance, will serve no use if you will not utilize it to enhance your artwork. If you're interested in trying this out, start by painting the canvas using various shades of green acrylic paint; make sure to have distinct thickness of layers to create a mottled effect. After that, you should scrape dried paint skins off of the old tubes, paint, brushes, paint tools, and drop cloths. In this chore, using decoupage as medium is necessary to complement the Personalized Photo Canvas Art.

Got even better ideas? Well, in artistry, there are really no rules for you are free to make your imaginations real! Just be sure that what you create would serve certain purpose for without which, it may only be a waste of time, effort, and expense. Anyway, if you enjoy the craft, there will be nothing to lose.


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