Techniques on Controlling Visual Noise when Painting


It's not only what you hear, but likewise what comes in your mind that can distract you when painting a still life subject. And that “noise” is really something which you have to control if you want to ensure the best result. The question is “How?” Every artist has his own way of maintaining inner peace or ideal level of calmness., and you can discover or develop yours as you continue learning the craft. But it would always take time and effort before you become adept; if achieved, though, nothing then could ruin the painting process and you can create amazing artworks just as you see them real in the world. One secret to have this is employing these techniques whenever you paint a still subject:



Move it To a Nicer Place
While you can paint anywhere you want, it still matters to find a better place for the object you wish to paint. The reason is the distracting elements (light, accessories, etc.) surrounding the subject or the entire place which could greatly affect your concentration or imagination. So for instance, if you get interested in painting a creamer sitting on your desk, you may find it good to move it on the place where there is sufficient light and you can focus well on making the photo oil painting appear so real on a canvas or a piece of paper.

Change the Setting
Not simply because of the location, but more so, of the entire environment that you have to consider changing the setting. It constitutes all objects that accompany your subject, and it does relate as well to the mood you want to establish. That's what makes it crucial – on how you see the object changes as you place it in a totally different atmosphere. But of course, it is still a choice if you wish to retain the original appearance at the same location. And it is even possible that you do not move the object yet you are able to create new setting on your Photo Painting.

Simplify what You Ought to
Painting a still life subject should not be a complicated process – having excessive elements in the background or overemphasizing the focal point of photos to painting. And this can be avoided if you either remove the surrounding elements or move the subject to a more ideal place. This relates to the preceding procedures to ensure that there will be less or no noise whenever you start painting. Another way in simplifying the painting is using photo-editing software with which you can further enhance the photograph. When you edit, though, make sure that the realistic appearance or appeal of the subject is not compromised for whatever idealism you have in mind.

Choose the Best Option
Don't stick to a single option if there are lots of things to choose from. Being appreciative on photo painting online and what is there in your environment is apparently a requisite because “beauty” (in its fundamental sense) is dependent on how you see things. Sometimes, though, you may be filled with great imaginations to the extent that you're already unable to make a sound choice. And that's another challenge to surpass if the aforesaid noise is finally made “silent”.

Indeed, the distraction is not the noise itself but rather on how you deal with it. So being creative, then, entails not only the ability to imagine great things but also the dexterity to control self-destructive temptations.


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